Petition of One Million


This is a new logo for an exciting new project that will be launching soon. Return back for more information.

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2017 March for Life Logo

The theme for the 2017 National March for Life was inspired by Canada’s 150th birthday. What could be more fitting for the largest pro-life demonstration on parliament hill than a logo with the phrase: “Life, We Stand on Guard for Thee.”
Instead of the typical rectangular placards on sticks, we created robust circular signs, giving the […]

Eye Catching Wall Display


This larger than life wall display was put to use at the Conservative Convention, attracting visitors to Campaign Life Coalition’s booth where they spoke to passers-by about their work.

REAL Women of Canada


REAL Women of Canada’s website was in need of a complete overhaul. They now have crisp clean, mobile friendly, easy to navigate website, which makes their content pop!. Their logo has a new face, and an update wouldn’t be complete without some re-branding of their social media platforms.

National Group Logo


Life Canada Logo
Envoy Media worked with Yasmine Shehadeh of Invent Media in developing a professional logo for LifeCanada. The logo included both English and French versions.

Bountiful Life Logo

Bountiful Life Logo
This was an exciting design project for me personally, as I worked with Pruuph Marketing in developing a clean professional logo for an exciting new business specializing in holistic nutrition. The imagery in the logo was an important aspect to the client.  She wanted the logo to feature a butterfly in flight.

Have a  look at the logo […]

You’ll Never Regret Loving this Much Campaign

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You’ll Never Regret Loving This Much Campaign
LifeCanada hired Envoy Media to re-brand their well-established website and to develop a new advertising campaign with the intention of reaching out to women facing unplanned pregnancies. The campaign features the tag line, ‘You’ll never regret loving this much”. Posters, business cards, interior and exterior bus ads and billboards were created.

Here is the logo for the […]

Life Online

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Camilla has worked in the pro-life movement for over 20 years. She understands how critical it is to “market” the pro-life message to an audience that is increasingly accessing the internet for information on the life issues.
Visit Life Online for more details.
Below are a few pro-life websites Camilla has developed:

Alliance for Life Ontario
Brant Right to Life
Cambridge Right […]

We Want the Debate


We Want the Debate
This logo was designed for an exciting new project that is sure to get people talking. You will notice that the two individuals appear equal and the speech bubble is purposely centered in the middle to convey that one person is not talking over the other, but showing respect for the other […]