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Love it or hate it, utilizing Social Media to promote your work and why it’s important is a must. There was a time when social media was considered a passing fad. Today, there are over 3 billion internet users—and over 2 billion of them have active social media accounts.

Getting people to share your content is free marketing – potentially on a gigantic scale – across the entire country and even to people all over the world.

Social media generally works like this: you use one of your platforms to publish content – whether in the form of a post, a meme, a tweet and so on, and if people who come in contact with what you published agree with your sentiments, they will “react” and/or “share” it to their network so their connections also see it. This way you get to “harness” the power of an amazing machine that works simply by the power of people sharing what you’ve shown them — the spread can potentially be massive.

Do You Need to Go From Bland to Brand?

Envoy Media has worked to established a greater social media presence for several clients. Posts featuring daily news, call to action items, inspirational quotes, educational content, etc. are posted regularly. The timing of posts range from the morning, afternoon and evening. Timing is mixed up to reach the different demographics at of your your customer-base at optimal times.

Envoy Media focuses on creating visually appealing memes, posts and videos using imagery that’s emotionally charged to help get messages noticed.

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